MEIVAKANTIE 2018 by Ranessa Chavez Krause






> Monday and Tuesday, there are no buses in Almere.

On these days the work bus drivers lay down to go on strike for a

better collective labour agreement.

Keolis (Allgo) advises travelers to for alternative transport.







> ABCDE Playgroup will be closed fro the whole duration of

May Vacation (Meivakantie) which starts from the observance of

the King's Day 27th of April until 14th of May.

Keep posted via the Private Facebook group or WhatsApp Group of

ABCDE Playgroup for the outdoor meetups.

The normal session resumes on 15th of May.



> Knutselen in het Almeerderhout in de meivakantie (Crafts in Almeerderhout)

date: 30 april 2018 t/m 04 mei 2018

time: 13:30 15:30

place: Kemphaanlaan 4 , 1358 AG Almere

age: Kids 4-12

price: €3,- per participant while guardians are free

Visit the Buitencentrum Almeerderhout with your kids for a creative crafty afternoon.

In the Beverburcht in buitencentrum lays different natural and recycled materials

ready for them to use. A beautiful way to stimulate their fantasy to freely flow and of course the masterpiece made afterwards can be brought home.

The activity is conducted and supervised by the volunteers of Staatsbosbeheer.

To ensure a spot, email or call 036 538 4416




Lentekriebels (Spring Feelings) by Stad & Natuur

date: 30 april t/m 4 mei

time: 10:00-16:00

place: Kemphaanstraat 1, 1358AD Almere

It's Spring! You and Your preschoolers can experience spring in Stad & Natuur in the Kemphaan.

The Sun is shining and it is getting warmer. Have you also suffer from the Spring feelings?

Look closely at the plants and animals in the spring. The bulbs come up, the leaves are coming out the branches of the trees, everything is in bloom and the country is full of young animals! With fun assignments and a delightful walk along our young animals and everything that grows and blossoms experience the preschoolers the spring fever! The commands, routes and the whole walk adventure are made for toddlers, you can take the whole experience at your own pace.



An English Crafty Morning (Arts and Language United)

date: 30 april

time: 10:00-11:00 and 11:00-12:00

price: 0,50

place: De Inloop, 's Hertogenboschplein 8, 1324WB



The English Lessons Almere gives a sneak peek activity to let the kids experience how ELA uses

games and activities as a tool to learn.

This is activity is in cooperation with De Schoor and Wijkteam Stedenwijk.


Contact 0620357254 / 0633604375 or via







date: 02 mei 2018 t/m 06 mei 2018

time: 13:00 - 23:00

location: Schoolstraat 32 , 1354 HP Almere


Get in the may holiday groove and go to the funfair in Almere Haven!

Wednesday = eurodag





Go! Kinderopvang Open Day

date: 3 May, thursday

time: 13:00 - 18:00

age: 0 - 12 years

location: Het Penseel, Hildo Kropstraat 10


It's Party Time!!! Children and employees of Het Penseel would like to show the differnet

activities they have prepared to welcome everyone. There is a DJ, you can bake pizzas,

take part in children's yoga and if you have little ones Stichting Jonge Kind Centrum is

providing Babyclub workshops!

Do you live in the neighborhood of Het Penseel? Then You are very welcome!

Source: and



Lego in de meivakantie


location: KAF Kunstlinie Almere, Esplanade 10 1315 TA Almere

price: €3


KAF celebrates the spring and they want to celebrate it with You! Go in the may holidays to de architectuurstudio!

The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom and the sun shines! In KAF they will make spring merry and bright. But not without you. Come to the LEGO Architectuurstudio and show how creative you are. Every day there is another spring project. There are gardens built with real flowers, birds, trees and you can create your own farm. Come and celebrate the spring in KAF! To see more info about the day spring projects visit the source link below.




Multi-sportdag meivakantie 2018 (Multi sports day may holidays 2018)

date: 11 May

time: 10:00-15:00

age: 4-6 and 7-10 years categories

price: €15

location: Sports camp Almere in Sporthal de Vrijbuiter, Globeplein 1 - Almere


Time for an unforgettable sports camp!

Woohoo! all those extra days off from school. With a bit of luck you have 2 weeks free, use them good!

Time for action, sports and fun in the most sporty sportscamp in The Netherlands. To register, click the link below.









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SUMMER 2016 by Pauline Borg Spiteri


Interactivity & Summer Fun at ABCDE Playgroup!


Summer Holidays 2016 are on the doorstep!

Join us for the last few sessions before the Summer holidays.

We are preparing a lot of summer crafts & memorable moments for our kids.




























It is a great place to be to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee while you and

your children interact with other families!


ABCDE Playgroup is organising a Sleep mini-workshop (about children) on the 25th of June at 7pm. Contact us for more info at or ask the helpers at the sessions.




Summer holidays!

The Buurtcentrum Parkwijk will be closed from 30 July to 28 August. This means that there will be NO playgroup sessions during the period. The last session before the holidays will be 28 July. The first session after the holidays is on Tuesday 30 August.


In the meantime, while the buurtcentrum is closed, we will be organising playdates in different parks/playgrounds around Almere!

Please visit the Facebook page often for more details: http://


Any ideas about different types of activities are dearly welcome!




Have fun and enjoy!

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